Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Dental Issues

For those of you who dont know, I have been suffering from dental issues for quite some time. I had 4 very rough (morningsickness and otherwise) pregnancies. I am truly looking forward to the tax check comming soon to get all of my top teeth ripped out and get me some nice PURTY new ones. Haha, sorry but people with bad teeth are so associated with rednecks, and I live in Indiana, so I just HAD to go there.
The reason I bring this up is because I was watching some late night thing on tv when I couldnt sleep. Not sure if it was E true hollywood story, but if not, something similar. It was a show on Patrick Swayze and I really wasnt paying much attention until they said something about him almost losing his leg. That piqued my attention and then they said it was due to sepsis. Sepsis is a severe illness caused by overwheming infection of the bloodstream by toxin-producing bacteria. Now I knew that meningitis and other serious things could cause this. I did NOT know, that an infected tooth could cause it. You can go into septic shock with a 60% death rate from an infected stinking TOOTH! Since then I have been looking up these things on the internet and finding an alarming number of cases. So yeah, considering I have had this problem for almost 10 years, Im a little freaked out here.
More that that, Im pissed. I have never had a dentist tell me that this could occour or happen. The closest thing they have told me was that if I had a heart murmur, they want you to be on antibiotics a few days before removing a tooth. Thats it. Not anything about dying of septic shock. Not anything about infections moving to a joint and possibly losing a limb. Nothing about it affecting my kidney, liver, bowels, lungs, etc. I dont know if any of you have ever been in a bad money situation with no insurance, but no dentist will see you. They dont want to hear about anything involving payments unless it includes a platinum or a goldcard and a perfect credit history. There have been many times I have just layed around for a week or two with a tooth that was just screaming because of lack of funds to go to the dentist. *Gross Factor Warning*This last time, probably about 7 or 8 months ago now, I took a piercing needle to the abscess as the needles are hollow and just let the pus drain to escape some of the pain.** Usually its about 2 weeks of faithfully applying clove oil and hoping it works its way in good enough to kill the root, then usually the tooth cracks off at the gumline later but at least the majority of nerves are dead.
I am pleased to find that medicaid is now accepted at some dentists. Nothing fancy can get done, but at least if you have a throbbing tooth, you can get it pulled out. So, if medicaid finally aquiesced into admitting this was a medical problem, why wont insurance companies?? I still have my ex's dental insurance. Same old crap, they dont cover most things, even after 5 years with the same insurance. Their limit has been the same the whole time, even though its a family plan. I have had 2 kids since we got this insurance, and the max amount they will pay per year remains the same, $1000. Since my last extraction was about $260, you can see how far that goes. But this whole sepsis thing changes things up a bit doesnt it? Shouldnt something that can infect many other parts of your body and kill you be considered a medical issue???
This country sure SUX at taking care of its citizens that it sends to their deaths in other countries, dont it? So today when I scoff at the american flag, or dont stand for the national anthem, no Im not putting down your sons/daughters/nephew/aunt that is off dying somewhere for Bush's profit. Im acting that way because the people that flag represents could care less about us regular non rich types that can die from things like sepsis.
**Oh, I was thinking of posting a pic of my grossness, but #1 I didnt think youd necesarily want to see it, #2 Im not sure that I have enough balls to do it(its really ugly), and #3 Im really lazy and dont want to install my webcam drivers** I dunno, if yall wanna see it its up to you..........


Blogger Screwed-Up AKA SnglGuy said...

Better do something about those teeth dearie....Better safe than sorry.Me? I've never been to a Dentist in years! LOL!!! Have a nice day. :D

10:10 PM  
Blogger Camy Leon said...

Hey, if I don't start taking care of mine, I might be in your situation too. What's up with the Boyfriend and the ex hubby?

5:07 PM  
Blogger Walking,Talking,Poison said...

LOL snglguy! Same old stuff Puzzy. Ex is still the Ex and Im still with Shoin. Hopefully going to see him in a couple months. Just gotta figure out how the hell to drug myself enough that I can actually board an airplane. Im excited tho, never been out of this shitty country! <3

10:02 AM  
Blogger Camy Leon said...

Sounds cool. Where is he?

Wherever he is, you better get your butt on that plane and go see him. I wish I had somewhere to go visit. I'm gonna need the same drugs you take though.

1:30 PM  
Blogger Walking,Talking,Poison said...

Hes in Toronto, so its only a 2 hr flight, but Ill still need drugs =P

10:53 AM  
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