Thursday, December 29, 2005

Guess whos back...

Back again, Poison's back, tell a friend! Muhahahahaha!
Well lets see, I been gone a while so Ill give ya the short skinny on what happened. Like all Po-White-Trash, or any other yellow, brown, red or green shit got turned off for a bit. Lost the phone for a bit, the gas, the electric, the internet, etc. Got stuck on dial up after I got the phone back, of course then found out I was not in "compliance" with my phone deal because my dial up number(shich THEY gave me) violated the rules of THEIR agreement. When they sold me internet they *cough* forgot*cough* to mention that the closest access number was long distance, and you are not allowed to use youre free long distance deal to connect to the internet. So they come up with a huge bill, yeah sue me assholes, of course, youll have to get in line after the hundreds who came before you!!!!
So yeah here I am writing and crabbing again. Was nice to see the comments when I came back. Glad someone missed meh!
Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday!!! New Years is commin, remember, if you must get drunk and drive, at least run over a cop and not a real person =D