Saturday, October 08, 2005

Busy, buzy, bizzay....

Sorry I havent checked here in a bit. My life makes a hurricane seem somewhat tame....

My ex got out of prison, he is trying so hard to make it but living in a shelter and not finding a job yet....not cutting it. Hes thinking about screwing his parole and going back to prison just so he doesnt have to freeze his ass off everyday. For those of you that dont know what shelter life is like........
6am they wake your butt up and out the door you go. You can come back for Breakfast and Dinner. I should have put those in quotes. My ex has been out for 12 days and has already been hospitalized for food POISONING. They expect you to wander the streets until 7pm when they let you back in. Well thats all fine and good if you believe most guys are like my ex, but theyre not. Some of them are out on parole for rape, murder, god knows what. These men, are set upon your cities, your towns, etc, because the shelter doesnt want to deal with them all day. My ex told me a story or two about the people he was locked up with, and that some of them take classes and try to do better. Some of them dont. Some of them plot out their next move, how they are gonna hide better this time. How the next crime they will plot b etter and wiser and not get caught.
DID YOU KNOW?????? That a ton of prisons are privatized in the US? If you wanted to make a sick little stock portfolio, in prisons only, I guarantee you sucess! Every time you hear 3 strikes, every time you hear there putting someone away because of a this really benifitting YOU? OR, is it good for the privatized prison stockholder? In the old days it was state objects, like licence plates. etc. Actually that I can even understand...licence plates, road signs, etc. BUT thats not what happens anymore. They pay young people to make plates now, usually about $5 an hour. The prison workforce is sooooooooooooooo much cheaper on bigger, better, and more marketable things!!!
SCREW sweatshops in Indonesia,or (insert country here) , when places like NIKE and DISNEY can pay HALF what they pay sweatshop workers in other countries! HALF! If you have ever read about an average sweatshop worker, they make about 12 cents an hour. There are men and women in prisons making 6 cents an hour to make those disney hats and s few nike brand shoes.
Somebody somewhere needs to set a priority. FUCK the war on drugs. I have friends that do drugs, they roll now and then but usually smoke out. Indians consider it an herb, just let it GO!!! Id so much rather my neighbor burned one now and again than molested little kids, robbed a store, or buried people in his yard. Wake the fuck up!!!!!!!
So now I have said that little piece and I didnt even tell ya that this may very well be my last post. I am behind $1700 to my landlord. Long story......but Ill make it as short as I can. I live in a duplex, there is NO insulation except some rotted newspaper. I have plasticed all my windows, I know what is to come. The gas is off, because I have 3 kids, what my soon to be ex makes a year, were about $500 over needy. Supposedly we are in the next bracket. HA, I wish. I wish my kids had a swingset or even grass, instead of dirt.
MY KIDS are the poop! Really, they are thankful at tim es like thanksgiving and christmas!!! Last year I took them to church and we came back home and they were happy opening one gift. It freaked me out a little because when I was my sons age I got this huge stereo with huge speakers(which he bitched about and I left when i left home). As far as I know, I didnt teach my kids this, they just play with what they got. Eep I need to check yall's blogs!