Sunday, September 25, 2005

She made me do it, I have been TAGGED

I've been tagged by Carnealian to tell you even more things about myself that I probably never thought I would write on a blog, heehee.

7 things I plan to do before I die:
1.Learn how to sew like my hubby can. He makes me clothes(perhaps thats why I havent pushed for seperate places yet)
2.Learn to play one instrument really well instead of being able to play a few a little bit.
3.OWN my own home
4.Get over my fear of flying and see some countries that I have longed to see all my life. Mainly China, Germany, and NewZeland.
5.Make enough of a difference in enough peoples lives so Im actually remembered for longer than one week after I croak.
6.Get over my panic attacks so I can see what its like to be a normal person, even if its just for a little while.
7.Ok this one is far fetched, but its my dream......I want to come into a large sum of money so I can create an apartment complex for women wanting to get off of welfare. If you have ever been on it, you know the first 3 months you are working. youre screwed. No more rental assistance, no medical insurance, no food stamps. They make it impossible to get off the damn welfare because youre so afraid of losing your foodstamps and medical and going homeless, thus losing your jobs. I want non-profit funding (because if I tried to get govt funding theyd try to mess with it) to give women and single moms a place to crash for 3 months while they are first working. They wont have to pay anything at all in rent or utilities. Just buy their own groceries and save up for their first apartment. Of course, if they dont want to uproot their family, there will be the option to just stay and rent that apartment they are in. Then Ill use that money to build more and keep the ball rolling. What do ya think?
7 things I can do:
1.Type with more than 2 fingers
2.Figure out enough of this blogger code to make my page look a little more how I actually want it to
3. Speak frankly and honestly without being tactless
4.Forgive people and lose a grudge
5.Fold fitted sheets decently enough that you cant tell their fitted once their stacked up(sound easy? YOU try it =P)
6.Get into kid mode and play with my kids for a few hours and actually be fun. Build forts, finger paint, pretend the couch is a boat and we have to stay in otherwise the sharks will get us, etc.
7.Even after all the hurt and pain, I can give of myself and love truly, and completely. In the end, it is always worth it.
7 things I cannot do:
1.Speak Tagalog(and damnit I wish I could)
2.Eat Brussels Sprouts, cmon, they taste like earwax.
3.Drive on a highway, esp by myself, it gives me an instant panic attack.
4.Poop in a public restroom or someone elses house (ROFL TMI?)
5.Take the easy road(I mean this in every way and I wish I wasnt like that)
6.Quit smoking
7.Have any kind of sexual pleasure with someone Im not in love with. I sometimes envy people that can do one night stands and get something out of it.
7 things that attract me to another person:
(Yes they are in order pretty much)
2.Ability to have an good conversation and debate without getting irate
4.the way they carry themselves (staring at the ground the whole time? Youre not for me.)
5.Confidence(This kinda goes with 4, but not entirely.) I like someone who will disagree with the majority if they truly disagree. Or someone that is not afraid to approach me. Better yet, doesnt sigh that "ahh" of relief just becaus I approached THEM and they dont HAVE to approach me now.
6.The Kiss-Has to be passionate, but for goodness sakes, unless youre a qualified ear nose and throat person, dont try to take out my tonsils the first time!
7.The hug-I need to be hugged like a lover, not a sister, not a grandma, Im sure yall know what I mean =D
7 celebrity crushes:
1.Wonder Woman(my first crush EVER, she was hot!)
2.River Phoenix(he was my first guy crush after seeing Stand by Me)
3.Joaquin Phoenix(what can I say, that family had some good jeans/genes, Im partial to him in Gladiator w/ the skirt on tho =P)
4.Nicholas Cage(Older Cage, Younger Cage, who cares? Theres just something about him)
5.Bai Ling (She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen)
6.Will Smith(Thank you lord for the first 5 minutes of IRobot, shower scene,ooooooh)
7.oh hell with it, Ill admit my longest running adolecent crush....
Michael Jackson-in his THRILLER days and before then. Admittedly he had the jheri curl thing happening, but I would have changed my pillow cases daily for that. Ya gotta admit, when he looked like a man, he was kinda hot!
7 Things I say the most:
1.DO YOU WANNA SIT ON THE STAIRS??????(my kids time out spot)
2.Do you need pants/do you have poop/peepee?
3.That sux ass!
4.What?( I have a habit of saying that if people look at me for more than 5 seconds)
5.I love you( To my kids, Shoin, My soon to be ex, my sister..people I talk to daily)
6.Thank You(I make a point of saying it anytime my kids do anything so they say it too)
7.Its coming, I feel weird, help(the usual words that preceed a panic attack)
7 bloggers I am tagging:(this is a hard one cuz I have seen a lot of bloggers tagged with this....tell ya what, if I tag you and you have already done this one, you should come up wit a new list of 7 things!!! You know, 7 you regret, etc)
On that note, I retag Carnealian With a list of 7 regrets
Interstellar with a list of 7 regrets (since I believe this is where this 7 things strain started =P)
Beer Brat
Drunk Bitch
Mothers Daughter

Just This Once

Well this is a first. I got so much out with that last rant that I actually dont have all that much to crab about and some things are going good for a change!!!*knocks on wood*
Thanks to Art for the advice on the stolen camera. I called the pawnshop and found out that my camera had not been put on sale yet. I did bring in the box with the serial number for the camera and the receipt for the pawn. They said as long as I paid the original loan back with a little interest, it was up to me wether or not to press charges against the girl who stold it. So for $23, I got my camera back! Whoohooooooooo! I am celebrating because I am in a really "broke" place at the moment.
1000 plus visitors? Wow, thats so funny considering I never thought anyone but me would read this blog! So now I have crabbed and bitched about dumb things to over 1000 people. Not sure exactly how to feel about that one =P
Im taking the kids outside to decorate for halloween today. Yeah maybe its a bit early and I usually frown on people getting all jazzed up too early for holidays, BUT, I now live in a bible thumper town. Dont get me wrong, I have nothing against Christians. This town goes a little wild on the whole subject of Halloween though. My decorating early is in retaliation of the people who have already (no Im not kidding) skipped Halloween and Thanksgiving to start putting Christmas stuff out. About half the population here sees Halloween as an evil thing to be avoided at all costs. They consider it evil to let your kids go out and trick-or-treat, etc. Many of them hold little parties at church where the kids dont get to dress up. To each his own I guess, but they seem like party poopers to me. If they really wanted to get their point across they could dress their kid up as a bible character or something and at least still let them trick or treat.
I was also thinking of making a new little blog just to keep track of what I do to my own and what I use on it. Half the time I will go to change a setting on my page and forgot how I did it in the first place. That and the next time someone asks me how I did something, I can just point to the other blog and they can see how I did it. Ill have to find a way around the html code not showing on the post though. Hmmn, well I guess thats something to work on the next time I get bored or cant sleep right?
Well Im off to dig up boxes of decorations! Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Friday, September 23, 2005

I missed Blogging!

You know, my husband looked at me yesterday and said "what the hell is wrong with you" I asked him what he meant and he said I was so full of anger the last week. Funny, but all I can figure is that I havent been able to rant about shit here on my blog.
Soooooo sorry but Im about to make up for more than a week of being gone all in one shot!
Update on the roomate bitch from hell....Haha, found out what exactly happend to that bitch once she left. Well, she spent a couple days at my parents house with my sister. My dad was going to pay her to do some yard work(my parents have 10 acres) and some other stuff. She ended up with only $20 at the end of it all. My dad had a friend that needed a roomate because even at her small home she just could not make the bills, so they took bitch from hell over there. She had to clean to stay there which I heard she complained about the whole time. Then this friend of my parents took her out looking for a job sending her in various stores with now hiring signs posted. She kept coming back to the car with the same stories....they were no longer hiring, they were out of applications, etc. Well, when she fell asleep on the couch, my parents friend went right back to those same stores and got apps and thunked her in the head with them when she got home, making her fill them out. My sister saw her 3 days later and said she came out of the house crying saying she wanted to go home. My sister said, "but isnt your mom a crackhead?". Guess it wasnt that big of a deal at that point, ROFLMAO!!! Poor girl, someone wanted her to DO something in return for a place to stay and get a JOB. So yeah, she ran home to mommy as soon as she could via greyhound!
G-Dubbya....What a total ASSHOLE! If I hear one more reporter saying what a better job hes doing to prepare for Rita than he did for Katrina, Im gonna PUKE! Of course the fucker cares now that its hitting HIS home state. Not to mention theres a whole lotta white people in Texas. To quote Kanye West on the telethon, "George Bush does not care about black people". Well no shit but Im glad someone said it. Too bad he got cut off right after saying it. Not sure if he was going to add this or not so I am...He also doesnt care about anyone not in the same tax bracket or any other color other than what he is. For gods sake, you know we may have been the first ones there when the tsunami hit, but you know we gave the LEAST amout of money up? What the hell does that say about the richest country in the world? That its run by a bunch of white old pricks? You bet!
The justice system....Yet another friend of mine got arrested today. Actually there is a pic of her in my last HNT post. They picked her up on some old warrants, failure to appear in court and driving a vehicle without a license. Now these charges are like, 2 years old. She now is the mother of 1&1/2 yr old twins. They are actually thinking of giving her time to "teach her a lesson". Yes I think murders and true criminals belong behind bars, butr honestly, this is just DUMB. It was ages ago and she needs to be here for her kids now. She has a manditory 15 day hold as it is. Isnt that enough time to scare a young mom straight??? Its not like she was out shotting up a neighborhood or some shit. She just mad a couple mistakes.
My EX was supposed to be released from prison Aug 25th. He is still in prison however because they didnt BOTHER to check out his addresses or anything else he gave them until 2 DAYS before he got out. They were "Unsatisfactory". No reason given, no explanation, so in prison he sits long after his outdate until he can give them a satisfactory address where he will be staying. So there go more of your tax dollars. Remember tho, half the prisons in the US are privatized tho, so your tax dollars arent going back to the government, they are going into someones stock portfolio. They sell shares in prisons on wall street, no shit!
Moral Dilema....As some of you may remember, I had my really nice digital camera stolen. I found out recently that it wasnt the ex roomate from hell that did it, it was a friend that was desperate for money. Im not sure what to do about it. I have the receipt that she got when she pawned the camera and I would like to take the box that has the serial number on it to get it back. I dont think they could give me any shit about getting it back since I have the original stuff that says it was MINE. However I think they may try to prosecute her and I also dont want to see that happen. What should I do? I really want my camera back but I dont want to see someone else go to jail.
RAP CRAP... Ok, before yall get your finger twitchy to flame me.... I like rap. I always have. But can someone tell me when it was exactly that it all started to sound the same? I remember when it meant something, and the voices were distinctive, still are. Theres no way anyone will ever mistake Eazy-E or Snoop for being someone else. And yes fine, some of the new stuff is fun and catchy and great fro dancing to at clubs, but when did it all become soo....I dont even know the word. Either its something catchy or its something so ridiculous you cant believe it. NWA was the shit, but give it a rest people, you will never be NWA when BET or MTV does a story on you and you come from an affluent suburb....well, thats just fucked up. Rap used to mean something. I dont mean to crap on all new rap. Jay-Z and a few others are still keepin it real. Oh, and Puff Daddy, could you please change your name ONE more time!!! Your shit still sux, stick to producing =P
Update on my sister...We were fighting up till recently over her helping the roomate from hell get outta here without talking to me about the money she owed me. I feel my sister learned her lesson albeit, the hard way. She was supposed to help my sister out with a bunch of stuff once she got back with her and the bitch pulled her usual shit, sat on her fat ass and did nothing.
Anyway, a couple people asked me for a pic of the roomate from hell a while back and I debated wether or not to post a pic, but screw it! She has longer hair in this pic cuz she chopped it all off bull-dyke style. If you see this chick coming, RUN!!!

Whooooooo that felt good. Sorry that post was bitchy and all over the place, but hey, so am I!!!!
Its soo good to be back and typing like mad again!!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Im Baaaaaaaack

**Hums Ac/Dc's Back in Black**
Thanks to everyone for their nice posts while I was gone. Esp you guys offering to send me keyboards =P I did feel much better after reading your comments, I would be in a hell of a situation if I would have had a laptop drowned in Koolaid!
It mainly took me so long to get back online because I had to trek out an hour to get to the city to buy a keyboard. No way Im buying some generic piece of crap from walmart and spending $30 on it. I missed the whole blog thing, but not enough to get THAT ripped off! It was nice to see I was missed though!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Kreyboaerdf Issuers

Scuse my sperlling on this post =P My 2 yer olfd dumpedf a dfull glass of koolaidf on my keryboardf andf this was its rersult. Most kerys typre 2 lertters at a time. So until I cvan gret a nerw keryboardf, I think my posting dfays are up. I wernt to walmart andf thery wanterdf liker $30 andf I thought that was a bit mucvh vconsidferering my kidfs hacve done this 3 other timres aleradfy this yeaer. Ill ber bacvk whern I cvan findf a more ereasonable price.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Happy HNT #2

Happy Half Nekkid Thursday everyone! Well I didnt really feel up to getting nekkid and had some friends with some great piercings and tats over. So youll just have to deal with seeing THEM half nekkid =P One of them in particular is gonna kill me when she sees her pic cuz her eyes were closed, but oh well!

Thanks much to Holly, Jenna, and Kevin for being cooperative models =) Kevin is leaving for Arizona today and not even sure that hes ever coming back =( So I gotta run for now. Ill be back to catch up on blogs later tonight!!!
Check out more half nekkid people on Osbasso's blog!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I have been blacklisted on someones blog, no shit. I find it funny because #1, I dont think I have ever left a comment on this guys blog, #2 the comment I was about to leave wasnt too nice. Honestly, I wasnt gonna slam the guy or anything, just disagree. I dont know how the hell he blacklisted me. Must have seen a post by me somewhere he didnt like. Silly me, I thought no one gave a shit about a lil ol stay at home mom from Indianas opinion. At least I got a good laugh today!

Fair and Carny Season is Over

Well I guess Labor Day marks the official end of carnival and fair season. At least around here. For some reason this just hit me and now Im shitty about it. I only made it to one carnival this year and they were pondering packing up because they hadnt had too many customers. So we hit a couple rides but really nothing special and we were only there for an hour. I dont know about the rest of you, but I LOVED going to fairs and carnivals when I was younger. Theme parks were ok, but that always seemed more stressful. Carnivals and Fairs have their own set of smells, noises and sights. The harker yelling for you to try some game thats nearly impossible to win. The flicker of the neon lights when they start or stop a ride. The blasting sound of death metal coming out of the direction of the Gravitron. (You know that thing that spins around and you stick to the wall?)
My favorite ride of all has got to be this thing called the Zipper. I know different companies have different names for the thing. Heres a picture if it rings a bell.
My mom got so mad when I took her on the thing cuz she lost all her change, her keys and her glasses once the thing started spinning upside down. Man I used to have so much fun at those things when I was younger. I never knew what I wanted to do first. Not to mention if youre an underaged girl wiht a skirt on, the carnies are always good for free rides, and beer, and other, uh pharmecuticals. Note to all moms with girls, dont worry about the boy next door, worry about the 18 yr old ripped as hell carny that will never be in town again and probably gave her a fake name. ANYHOO....
Its really making me miss my sister. Usually this weekend we would be at "Fall Fest" and running around together having fun. I found a pic I took of her and her best friend at the time on the tilt-a-whirl. I had just gotten a camera that takes those fast frames to make little avi movies, but I wasnt too good at holding the thing still, lol!
Im good at acting like a kid sometimes. Ok well all of the time. Something about all those lights and noises takes me back to when I was younger. I dont think thats such a bad thing for a few hours. Although as I get older, I find myself missing the FOOD more than anything. Funnel Cakes and Lemon Shake Ups ROCK!
I found a couple recipes and Im sharing them here in case anyone else missed the fun and wants to make up for it at home. Funnel Cakes, Elephant Ears, Corn Dogs, Lemon Shake-Ups, and Grilled Corn on the Cob. YUMMY! =D

Monday, September 05, 2005

Happy Labor Day!

Just wanted to wish a happy Labor Day to those of you who celebrate. Most of my friends usually have to work on Labor Day and of course us moms dont exactly get Labor day off. I was thinking of just having a mini barbeque with the kids and letting them play outside, provided its nice out.
Heres a little Labor Day history in case you wanted some...

Labor Day is observed not only in the U.S. but also in Canada, and in other industrialized nations. While it is a general holiday in the United States, its roots in the working class remain clearer in European countries.

It has come to be recognized in the U.S. not only as a celebration of the working class, but even more so as the unofficial end of the summer season. In the northern half of the U.S. at least, the summer vacation season begins with Memorial Day and ends with Labor Day.

Many colleges and some secondary and elementary schools begin classes immediately after Labor Day.(Sorry Shoin, back to school for you tomorrow!)

No matter what everyone has planned, I hope you have a great day! Eat some extra BQ for me and drink something for me too cuz I think vicodin and alcohol are probably not a good combo!!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Bye Bye Popups!!!

Ok just put in a new shoutbox. That damn flooble thingy was giving me the popups from hell. They should be gone now, but if anyone gets em, please post a comment on here or the shoutbox and let me know. I hate frikking popups. Heres a banner to my new one if you also wanna get rid of your flooble piece of crap =P - Free Shoutbox!

Also please excuse the ugliness of my counter for the moment. Im gonna go ahead and sign up for the premium one cuz I really like it. Unfortunately I dont have $5 on my credit card at the moment. (yeah, how frikking sad is that)??

My luck Straight Up Sux!

Well it seems there is no end to my little run of bad luck. I started feeling it the other day. This little burst of energy I get to clean my house like a madwoman right before Im about to get sick or some other crap is gonna happen. Sure enough I woke up on Friday with a screaming mad toothache. Of course this ALWAYS has to happen on a holiday damn weekend. So here I am typing and looking like some Bush supporter came and stalked me after the last post and jacked me in the jaw!
Not sure if I have ever mentioned it, but during my 4 pregnancies, the words "morning sickness" were a total joke. The sickness had nothing to do with morning. Even the word sickness implies an event that I was not privy to. 24 hour yack-fest was more like it. To make a long story short, my teeth are totally screwed. I dont know if you guys have ever seen a bullemics teeth, but thats about what I got. Was due to have all the top suckers yanked and get implants starting in November. I thought I could make it to then, silly me, guess not.
Heres a fun little question I have in case any doctors/dentists stop by. At the point where your teeth are so bad, they keep becoming infected and affecting your sinuses and ears, shouldnt it at that point become a MEDICAL problem? That medical insurance can cover? It seems stupid that someone in my situation that didnt have dental insurance or money should just have to be sick, what, forever? I thank god I do have dental insurance, although its crappy, it will cover my extractions, just not the implants or plates. This seems retarded to me as well. They would rather keep paying $120 everytime I have an emergency extraction rather than pay $120 once for all the extractions that may not be what they deem "necessary"? Frikking morons. And people wonder why their deductibles and shit are so high. Anyway, I might be gone probably sitting on my couch and whining till Tuesday about my tooth. That is unless of course I get my hands on more vicodin =P Just didnt want yall to think I was dead or something

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Tie a Yellow Ribbon

Ok, this is an issue dear to my heart, and I know Im gonna get flamed for it, so be it!
Since WHEN did yellow ribbons become a fashion statement? I sat and ASKED people in a walmart parking lot why they had yellow ribbons on their rears. Im not good with math so Im not going to bother with percentages. The most frequent answer I got, was "because everybody else does" I got a few people that I talked to at length, (lots of army bases nearby), and had a son or daughter stationed in Iraq. When I asked them if they knew what their kids were there for, I got mixed response. Bush haters said that they were there to get Bush more oil. Bush supporters said they were there to keep peace. The majority said, "I dont know, I know they need help, but I want my son/daughter back home." By the way, during my lil experiment, a few people acted shocked to find out we were at war at all.
WHY did I do this? Well I used to want to be a journalist. I am also a nosy body and if you ask people their honest opinions, they will usually tell you them.
If you doubt my sincerity you can ask the walmart company's legal department what happened when I found out sex offenders, that were not allowed any contact with kids, were taking their polygraph tests on walmart property. Ha, I think there might have been a gag order issued with that, oops! Nothing like setting people up. Honestly, how is a conformed sex offender, not allowed contact with kids supposed to behave in a parking lot....full of kids???? Adversely why would walmart want to allow such a thing?
My brother in law went to Iraq. I have known my soon to be ex hubby since I was 16 years old. I remember my bro in law from when he was a KID. I remember the last time I saw him before he got sent to Iraq. I dont know what happened there, he wont tell me. He is WRONG. He can talk to you until you start asking about things that happened, hes happy to show you pics, and you get to a point, where he shuts down. Hes not the person he used to be. He will be himself for moments here and there, and then its gone. My husbands family literally made me sick talking about how proud they were of him. Can no one but me see the damage? Hes in the middle of talking and just shuts up?
My point is this, dont go slapping some sticker on your car because you think its the COOL thing to do. If you love the troops and hate Bush, get yourself a can of yellow spraypaint and cover up the pre printed shit and say so! I put my bro in laws name on mine. I do NOT support Bush, I do NOT support this war. I support our children, nephews, brothers, husbands,wives,cousins,etc.
I WILL NOT and CANNOT support this "war" I wont support Bush.

Happy HNT!!!

Ok well here goes my first Half Naked Thursday post. Im shy though and fat and not into getting naked in front of a bunch of people. I have had 4 babies and not worked out much, you do the math. No one wants to see all my rolls =P
Anyway I figured Id post my tats. I wanna get a new one but its so much money and I want to get work done on the ones I already have first.
Heres the first one I got. It was done in a friends basement when I was 17. You know why I got it? The DUMBEST reason on the planet, my boyfriend said I wouldnt go thru with it!
My second one was the Chinese symbol for spirit (I hope) and has my Daughters name underneath it.
My third and newest is a Korean symbol for HyonAn and its on my ankle...
Sorry I have been busy busy around here. I will catch up on everyones blogs tonight when the ex is stuck with the kiddies for a bit. YAAY! =D